Independence (ft. HLA) [Single]

by Masters Chambers + Higher Learning Academy

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"A well-structured and catchy collaboration between two groups that know how to work together. The rock-stylings of Masters Chambers starts the tone and gets your attention right out of the gate then seamlessly hands it off to the rhymes of Higher Learning Academy (HLA) to bring it home. Much like peanut butter and jelly, it's a combination you'll enjoy." - Garrett Powders, OK Connection Host

Independence was recorded throughout many months in 2016 in various stages, as a relationship soured in the wake of coping with death. It was as much my fault as it was hers, and we both walked away scorned. At least I learned something from it all. Independence not only means freedom from a relationship with an apparent expiration date, but freedom from the loss, the emptiness that I carried around for so long.

Masters Chambers has always been about combining mine and Aaron's styles, and this track is the perfect segue between two eras - of my life and of our band's life. It also happened during a time that we were able to bring on a few of our talented friends from Higher Learning Academy, something I was very excited to do. Their perspectives, attitudes, and words were very therapeutic, and when we wrapped, I was able to let go a lot of my frustrations.

Verses in order of appearance:
Stefan Heath of HLA
Jermany Brown of HLA
Keval Brown of HLA

Acoustic Guitars:
Tony Chambers

Electric Guitars:
Aaron and Tony Chambers

Bass and Vocals:
Tony Chambers

Garrett Roades

Arranged and recorded by Tony Chambers with a little help from Daniel Chang at the Rex Mansion Studio (now defunct, RIP) in Tulsa, OK - January-October 2016


released October 24, 2016

Recorded by Masters Chambers at the Rex Mansion in Tulsa, OK 2016. Raps and verses by HLA.



all rights reserved


The Masters Chambers Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Masters Chambers is the recording, songwriting, collaboration and performance project of Masters Aaron and Tony Chambers and Master Daniel Chang

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Track Name: Independence (FEAT. HIGHER LEARNING ACADEMY)
She is fire
That girl's a stone cold bitch
She's lighting me up and writing me down
on the list of men she's killed this year
and I'm crazy everything and nothing at all
She's the perfect dosage of yesteryear
A vest, flower dress, frowning ear-to-ear and I say

No Peace!

Release me!

In a forest,
she's the storm rushing through it
She's lighting that joint as she's making her point
Drugs were the coolest thing I did last year
and I'm melting

No Peace!

Release me!